Knowledge is a far better platform for decision-making and operational review than instinct, guesswork or institutional pride. Whether the organization needs to solve a problem or understand what happened, the Densus Group’s doctrine and assessment methodology enables the client to make decisions based on quantifiable and evidentiary facts and analysis.

Our Assessment and Audit methodologies are closely tied to our Risk Management, Situational Awareness and Capability Development methodologies, ensuring that assessments are conducted from every perspective, and solutions proposed that engage a wide breadth of experience and knowledge.

It is not sufficient to review a problem at face value. For example, the Densus methodology begins an audit at first causes, examining the political and operational context for the audit and the effect intended to be achieved. An audit of an effect must not only ask whether the effect was achieved in this instance or situation, but whether, if the worst case scenario had eventuated, assuming it did not, would the effect still have been achieved. The Densus Group is dedicated to professionalism; we believe in identifying all potential flaws and problems, and assisting our client in learning from them.

Our assessments, be they proactive or retroactive, support the client in being as effective as possible as efficiently as possible..

Further information will be published on the certification processes and branding in the near future.