Crowd Management Ethos

Proactively policing order will always be preferable to re-actively policing disorder. At Densus our experience has shown us that a de-escalated approach and cooperation with organisers can ensure public events pass off safely and peacefully. On those occasions where disorder does arise effective tactics and a thorough understanding of crowd behaviour can restore order quickly and effectively with minimum risk to personnel, protesters and the public. Swift but considered de-escalation can then return the situation to normality as quickly as possible.

Training Team

Our instructors are selected from the best in their field globally. They are selected not only on the basis of their ability as instructors but also on their vast operational experience. Largely drawn from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the British Army’s Royal Irish Regiment and the German State Police Standby units they are veterans of policing contentious crowd events in some of the most difficult conditions in the world.

Tactics and Approach

In recent years there has been a tendency in many countries to try to resolve violent disorder largely through the use of less lethal weapons. This approach can create as many problems as it solves. Injuries from direct impact weapons provide a useful tool for anti-police propaganda, CS gas and irritant sprays effect members of the crowd not involved in the violence and leave those people angry with the police.Injuries from less lethal weapons, the incorrect application of force and mass arrests all create the conditions for costly legal claims and cause damage to the reputation of the organisation involved.

Non-compliant, Non-Violent Crowds

Unique in the US to Densus is training in proven, operationally tested tactics and skills to deal with the growing phenomenon of crowds that are non-compliant but not offering violent resistance.Currently US Law Enforcement has one set of skills and weapons to deal with both violent and non compliant, non violent crowds which leads to large compensation claims and adverse publicity.We can offer solutions that will allow your officers to deal with these situations in a proportionate, human rights compliant but yet effective fashion maintaining order without using unnecessary force

Course Design

At Densus we do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to training. The operational context, equipment, experience and culture of each individual client will dictate the type and level of training required.We do this through conducting an exhaustive training needs analysis and liaising with stakeholders at all levels of the rank structure to understand your problems and needs.A training plan is then jointly agreed between the project manager and the client all of which ensures that the client receives the best support and training possible

Operational Support and Consultancy

Our support is enduring beyond training events. We provide a wide range of services to support operations on an ongoing basis:

Strategic Event Planning – Our staff have extensive experience of planning and operations at large scale events including G8 conferences and international sporting events, including Olympic Games.We can provide planning support, advise contingency planning, red team plans and deliver advice on the training and procurement required for the event.

Tactical advice – We provide qualified, experienced tactical advisors to support commanders in control rooms and in the field during operations. These advisors complement the existing chain of command and provide a second expert perspective to the planning process and the operational and tactical options available.

Remote tactical advice – Disorder events can occur unexpectedly. Our advisors provide immediate remote tactical and planning advice until despatched advisors arrive or the situation stabilises.

Procurement support – There is a wide array of public order equipment and less lethal weaponry available. With their international experience the staff has the systems-based and equipment experience to ensure that the equipments procured meet the task and integrate properly with the public order capability.
Our independent and impartial advice ensures the fulfilment of your specific requirements, a neat fit your operating environment and culture.

Demonstration Report and Threat Analysis

The Densus Groups Threat Centre produces the Demonstration Report and Threat Analysis.The DRTA is produced for law enforcement and other organizations that have a vested interest in protestor and demonstration-related threats and management. The report is published on a bi-weekly basis and provides a synopsis of events that took place, commentary and where appropriate recommendations about countering current and developing threats.If you are interested in receiving the report please contact us at