Organizations must be able to respond effectively to the threats they understand, and the threats that they simply can’t predict. Some threats affect reputation, some affect finances, and some affect the organization’s infrastructure and operations. Business continuity and resiliency focus on ensuring that regardless of what happens to the organization, it is able to continue to meet its goals.

Driven by an understanding of risk than is based in not being able to predict every cause, but being able to understand every effect, Densus’ Business Continuity and Resiliency services focus on ensuring that the organization is able to continue to meet its goals in the short, medium and long term.

The Business Continuity and Resiliency methodology is inextricably linked with our Risk Management, Situation Awareness and Capability Development methodologies, ensuring not only comprehensive understanding of the requirement and client’s intentions, but the ability to put in place cost effective, efficient systems of management that balance anticipation and mitigation while considering threats to business continuity in terms not only of the organization’s operations and infrastructure, but its financial well-being and reputation as well