Training is the delivery of knowledge and skills within a capability-based framework. At Densus our approach to training is grounded in assessing the skills and knowledge that are required for personnel to achieve the tasks essential in supporting the capability, devising a training regime that achieves those goals and delivering effectively the desired content.

Training may be to a single organization, or across a diverse range of organizations all working together towards a common goal. In some instances students or groups of different seniority or role will train apart, and where there is greater training value, be trained together. At the more complex end this may include private/public partnership training, leading the delivery of training by a range of agencies (such as a multi-national contribution to a client nation), and the integration of multiple client doctrines into a coherent system to enable multi-agency training and operations.

Training may be delivered across the range of classes, activities, table-top exercises, simulations, exercises in the field and other methods. Believers in the delivery of sustainable capability, we prefer delivery systems that result in the client organization being able to conduct their own, internal training over the long term; this often includes a mentoring relationship to ensure the maintenance of standards and quality while the new organization adapts to its role.