Investing in new ventures, particularly in emerging markets, presents a range of risks to both the intended business and the investor. Many of these risks are manageable; some may not be.

At Densus, our Capital Advisory capability is designed to assist organizations wishing to attract capital, and potential investors wishing to fully understand the risks a potential investment faces before investing. Drawing on a breadth of risk and financial experience including licensed securities professionals and entrepreneurs, we understand the environment, context, problems and solutions.

Investors assessing a venture before committing funds wish to understand the real risks that they will face, so that they can price the risk/return profile properly. Densus provides the expertise to understand and quantify those risks, placed in the proper context with recommendations as appropriate about managing those risks.

Ventures seeking funding may wish to receive an investor-perspective assessment, in order to address any risks that are significant from the investor perspective but that seem relatively minor from the operational or technological perspective. This is additionally appropriate for ventures in higher risk locations.

Utilizing a staff with a diverse range of operational backgrounds and business backgrounds and degrees, Densus provides a unique mix of entrepreneurial, business, expeditionary operational and academic knowledge, maximizing the ability of investors and those seeking funding to understand their opportunities and risks, and manage them.